Yesterday I had another nice and pleasant day at the Clubshow of the OEMCN. ?
What a hite…. that was a bit too much, but again I enjoyed all the nice and beautiful Mastiffs.

The ladies participate in the Championsclass.
This time 3 Excellent for Abby and a 4 Very Good for Meissie.

Tim en Ceciel also came along with Styx, big friend of the 3 Musketeers. Of course was Perro present…
My dear Teddybear had a great time as always getting all the attention ?.
After the show, I went home with Tim and Ceciel f
or a relaxing afternoon and evening, enjoying delicious snacks and drinks… while the doggies enjoyed each others company.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures…. I was far too busy chatting and enjoying…. ?
Fortunately I received some photo´s from Yvonne  ? Thanks!! ?