We have arrived in week 8,
the last week that they are with the 3 of them …
The time of saying goodbye is getting closer and closer…
honestly, I don’t want to think about that,
but on the other hand they are ready to explore the “big outside’ world.

So this week even more I will do some (nice) things with them.

So this week I will even more enjoy their presents
and do some (nice) things with them.

On the 19th of May, Judith and Petra came by,
because it was the last day they were with the 3 of them… they even got a nice toy as well.

And then some extra attention for Salsa (Bess) …
She leaves at the 20th of May to her new home, family and dogfriend…

Of course, the weekly photo’s ???

Unfortunately….Because of everything going on,
I just forgot to make them…. just to silly.