Gosh, week 7 is already over…

Of course we receive visitors regularly.
The trio, the girls and I thoroughly enjoy it…

Last week the visit of the Dutch Kennelclub and the visit to the vet were on the schedule…
A visit to the ECVO eye specialist was planned for this week.
They have behaved well and the results: all FREE.

This week we also started learning to walk on a leash.
They all did a great job! A bit awkward at first, except Mambo.
It seemed as if he had never done anything else.
I am proud at the trio!





Of course I could not walk by unnoticed by my neighbours with our great dogfriends.
So we paid them a short visit.

Friday we went to my in-laws.
The puppies and of course my in-laws and us had a great time in the beautiful garden.
There was a lot to discover and they certainly did.

Of course there is also plenty of playing, rocking the swing and chewing in the garden.


And this week of course again the weekly photos.