Week 6 is already over… how fast it goes and how well they do everything.
There is of course a lot of “hugging” and playing.

But this week some more things have been done.
On the 3rd of May they were chipped by the Dutch Kennelclub and so they have now their official names.

I would like to introduce to you:

Mambo Living Xtra Large (blue) 💙

Tango Living Xtra Large (orange) 🧡

Salsa Living Xtra Large (red) ❤️

Also the cudle cloths (which were a great succes last litter) arrived today.

They still eat with great pleasure and very neath…

On May 6, the time had come to visit the vet for the 6 week vaccination. 👨‍🍳, so all together with the 🚘

They didn’t make a sound and went to investigate in the doctor’s office.💪🏻

They are “approved” and the booklets are neatly filled in.👍🏻

On the way back I stopped by my work, because my colleagues also wanted to cuddle the puppies 🤪 and were very curious about what my “broken nights” were spent on.

The term office/therapy dog suddenly fell very often…

And then of course the weekly photos! (as you can see, they no longer fit in the “picture”) 🤪