Everything goes so fast, Then they are just born and  now we are already in week 5!
They all already are over 5 kg and are growing like weed!

So you know…. They are just amazing!

On the 22nd of April I installed their “gamebar”, which immediately was put to use.

I also started with some potty training… but there are some obstacles to take…

On the 23rd of April they had some visitors. There was much cuddling, laughter and enjoying the little ones.


Cor and Elly, owners of Elias (daddy), came to visit to admire the offspring of  Elias and Georgia. They brought a very beautifull and tastefull cake. So sweet, Thank You!

The next day everything went back to “business as usual”. Enjoying the garden and me still enjoying the tastefull cake. The puppies back exploring.  😉

Jan and José let me lent their great “litterswingset”, so I went to collect it on tuesday.
Taking a swing is very nice! (Thank you Jan and José 💐)

At the beginning taking a swing was a bit strange, but in the meantime they swing skillfully. 🙂🙃

Alongside they explore and experience so much more…

and the weekly photo’s…