? They are just so cute!!! ?
Well actually they are GREAT!!! ❤❤❤

Week 4 and time flies!
There is more and more romping, walking, sleeping, eating and of course growing.
Abby continues to take good care of her offspring,
after dinner they come to get to her for “dessert”.
bby also is a great slide … if you step on one side, you can slide through her back, straight to the milkbar through her back ?
The nails are trimmed regularly and the walking is now “running” now and then and also playbows and “loops” are made.

The teeth are completely through and the interaction with me is becoming more and more intensive.
So nice to see how they respond to me and the others. ?

So special to see how neat they are with their food ….

Meissie was “allowed” to visit

 They outgrown the whelpingbox, so the puppy playground is open.