They are just so cute!!!
Well actually they are GREAT!!! ❤❤❤

This was the opening text of week 4 in 2019… and now the opening text applies again.
There is more and more liveliness and they romp, `walk`, sleep, eat and grow more and more.
The puppy playground is already inaugurated, but because of the good weather, the are/play more often outside than inside.

just socializing…

Georgia really wants to play with her babies. She keeps getting beter at the way she can play with them.

Their nails still are trimmed regularly and walking sometimes changes into runnig.
Also some invitations to play are made and the stuffed animals are seen as “prey”
Their teeth are also complete and the interaction with me gets more intensive.
So nice to experience how they respond to me and the other dogs.

They grow like weed and the waterbowl is favorite again.

They have been in the backyard for some time now and now they have been in the frontyard as weel. In the frontyard is more to experience/see.

And now also the week photo’s …