The intro might get a little boring, because I  just can’t start other than the same as the previous 2 weeks …
It was another great week and everything went so fast again! ❤
Abby continues to take good care of her offspring and wow they they develop so well.
Again they have grown. Their markerstraps have been replaced by a larger size…

The nails are also clipped again, so it remains nice for Abby to continue to nurture them.
Their walking really starts to go smooth and their eyes and ears are well open now.
The teeth are also starting to get through…
There is more and more interaction between the puppies,
but also with Abby and Meissie.
Small romp parties, for example, take place, some barking, grumbling and “moaning” of pleasure ? are also one of the activities.
Perro watches from a distance, as befits a real male dog. ?
On Tuesday December 10 (day 19) they received Starters Mousse for the first time.
Well that went as a tinker! The first time they kept themselves pretty clean…
The second time when meat was added, it was a delicious mess ?