Such a busy week. All goes so fast! ❤

Georgia still takes good care of the babies and oh dear they are developing so well.

Since the 10th of April (day 18) “The Puppy Playground is open for business” and they ate Starters Mousse for the first time.
They discovered soon the mousse is dilicious, but they also like to decorate the mouse on each other´s fur. So, they are really great at making a mess.


After they decorated each other with the mouse, they got a little bath, so they good go to sleep with `wet` hair.

Georgia inspects her babies before their nap.

On the 12th of April (day 20) it was time to take them outside for the first time…

Under the watchful eye of grandma Abby 💕

They´re even hanging out, the loiterers are born.  😉

They grow so fast, that I had to replace their ribbons last week already. Not strange if you think that they weigh about 4 kg yet. Meanwhile their nails are clipped regularly and `walking` begins to look like `walking`. Their eyes and ears are open and their is more interaction between them and with me.
Ocassionally there are small romps, there is barking, crowling and `groaning` of pleasure.

And of course the weekly photo´s…