Wow, what an incredable week. Everything goes so well and fast!

After a somewhat unaccustomed start, Georgia emerged as a fine mom.
She is very carefull and gentle with her puppies and takes good care of them…

Abby would love to take her place.. As of the moment she laid her eyes on the puppies, she would liked to take care of the puppies herself. Abby is allowed to watch from a save distance and mother somewhat with Georgia.

The puppies grow so well, I already had to clip their nails.
They find their way to the milkbar on their own and cuddling with mom is one of their hobbies.

They puppies grow so fast…

Normaly the puppies should dubble their birth weight in 10 days. This threesome grows so fast, they dubbled in just 1 week.

Male blue: 1530 gram

Male orange: 1430 gram

Female red: 1430 gram