I would like to introduce myself to you…

In 1997 when there was time and space enough for a dog, I liked to extend my life (with my then partner), with the presence of a dog.
After orientation for a breed I would like to own, I choose the American Staffordshire Terrier.
I gathered a lot of information through books, breeders and of course owners of this breed, so “Gabber” (means Buddy) came to live with us. 
Gabber was such a pleasent and sweet dog, so I soon became infected with the “dogloving-virus” and I got ourselves a second Am. Staff.
In 1998 Murphy came to live with us.  

Murphy too was an absolute sweetheart! Unfortunately when Gabber was about 1 year old, it became clear he had epilepsy…
It appeared to be “primairy” epilepsy, so we had no other choice than to let hem go when he was almost 2 years old.
Murphy lost his buddy, which made him very down, so in 1999 Bink made his entry.
Bink was just as lovelable as Murphy and they became best buddies.  

In the meantime I got more and more interested in dogs and their behavior, so I really would like to learn more about it.
I got into training at a local dogschool to become a dogtrainer and soon I was giving training myself. 

In 2003 well I really wanted to add another stunning breed to our life. 
My choice: The Mastiff! After gathering lots of information, visiting breeders and talking to owners, Amiga came live with us.
The love for the breed got to a higher level because of Amiga (means Friend in Spanish)  really was an “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” Mastiff!
I have never met any Mastiff like her…. 

Just because I think the Mastiff is such an amazing breed, I like to contribute to preserve this incredable Breed as it is and possibly improve.
So I got into breeding.
On 07-07-2008 my first “litter”, well better said first and only puppy (so far) Perro was born.  A really incredably sweet and gentle male, whom I as up as today enjoy daily.
In 2013 he became father of his second litter and I decided to get ourselves a lovely daughter of Perro,
Meissie…(means Girlie)
She also is a real sweetheart, just a little more active than I was used to, but Meissie also has a very friendly character.  

In the meantime we unfortunately lost Murphy and Bink at respectively over 15 years and 12.5 years of age. 
I also had a very hard day in the beginning of 2014. Amiga passed away very unexpectedly at the age of a bit over 10 years.
Perro and Meissie were the ones left… They really enjoy eachothers company, but well it was very quiet…
and I would not be me, if I did not extent our life with another beautiful Mastiff… 

So in the beginning of 2016 Abby came live with us.

As you can read, I really love Mastiffs and am active with them in various ways.  I train them (obedience) at KC Dordrecht,
where I teach and give trainings since 2004. (mostly puppyclass and basic obedience). Since 2017 I became an aspiring Cynological Instructor and in 2019 I was defenitively appointed as Cynological Instructor. 

Of course I like to enjoy their company, walk a lot with them and  visit/enter a show now and than.
I really enjoy my furfamily…


At the end  of 2019 I was lucky to welcome my second litter. 5 beautifull puppies were born. 3 males and 2 females.
You can see their adventures at the button LITTER(S) LITTER 2019.  Of course 1 of the ladies stayed with me. I call her Georgia.
I would like to breed a litter with her as well.

Enjoy our website!


Sandra Stormezand