Abby was born on October 12, 2015 at kennel Sandø’s in Denmark.
I followed her father, Eastwinds Ivory Touche for quit some time and when I saw that he had been mated the beautiful Sandø’s Xcellent Xiu,
there was no doubt at all. I contacted Bjarke and Annelise and soon I knew that I would be able to welcome a little lady.
The waiting had begun. After having visited her in November 2015, we were allowed to pick her up in January 2016.
A beautiful lady from the moment I saw pictures of her as a puppy up to the present day.
Abby is a real lady. Soft in character, but she knows very well what she wants and knows how to use her charms to wrap anyone around her paw. With Meissie she is the best duo. Ifyou see Meissie,you will see Abby and vice versa.
She loves to hug, but also likes to make some wonderful sprints…