Gee, this is so hard for me…
Born with us, as a “singleton”
It is said: “Those singletons are special.
And special?
Yes, you sure were!
Always up for a hug and preferably you were the center of attention.
If you didn’t get that attention, you let us hear form you…
My biggest and sweetest teddy bear.
I’m going to missy you so much.
You really leave a huge hole in my heart,
but despite the immense sorrow, I console myself with the thought
that you had a wonderful life and
that I have been a part of it for over 13 years.
Thank you for all the love and support you have given me…



You really were my Meissie ..
my shadow, my anchor …
Always cheerful, always super sweet, no matter what and such a lovely hugger,
not just for me, but for everyone.
You have always been there for me and I was there for you.
Meissie the battle you had to fight was so unfair …
You were so tough, but that battle could not be won …
A gigantic void …, now that you are no longer there …
I would have liked to have pushed my face just once in your fur,
Just once hugged and kissed you, Just once taken you in my arms,
Enjoyed all your craziness just one more time,
Just once more …..
Rest in peace sweet Meissie, I miss you …



Amiga, your name says it all, it means FRIEND,
and a friend, you were, the sweetest, the best and the most beautiful.
You were always there for me in good times, but also in lesser times.
I  didn’t need a word, just one look was enough,
You understood me and I understood you.
Always by my side and you never missed a step.
Therefore, I always called you my “ONCE IN A LIFTETIME” Mastiff
and that you were…

Words sound hollow and empty and still can’t honor you…
The grief is enormous and the emptiness you leave behind,
is immense…

Miekie, Migadoosje, my Mamamiga, I still love you so very much
I dream of the day that I will be able to take you in my arms again…


Murphy, our little sweetheart…

15 Years ago, you stepped into my life, full enthousiasm and conquered my heart immediately,
You, always with your cheerful high-five and lovely brown eyes, one could drown in
You, whom I always shared joys and sarrows
You, that I so much enjoyed and have learned from,
but also You, who now was old and worn,
so I had to bid farewell
I will never be able to take you in my arms to cuddle,
Nevermore your beautiful brown eyes to drown in,
Nevermore your warm body against me…
My most faithful buddy, I wil me you dearly. 



I will really miss you Sweetheart!

You, always naughty in a nice way
You, always cheerfull and happy,
You, always acting like a clown,
and also still You, a true fighter against a terribel decease.
You, of whom lot never expected you to life this long.
You, who never gave up, but still…. now the one who decided it’s enough…
No more cuddling togerther
No more delicious kisses from you
Never more a cheerfull gering of you when I get home…

Dear Bink,
I will miss you terribly, but it’s allright this way…
You deserve your rest.

You will be forever in my heart…