When choosing to breed, overall character and health are my priority.

Well actually a shared first place.  In my opnion a dog is healthy when he/she is healhty of body and mind. I will therefore strive to breed a Mastiff that is as healthy as possible, with a matching character.
Of course this first place is followed to strive to meet the breedstandard as close as possible.

My puppies will born and grow up in the livingroom with me and the other dogs.
I think it is the best way to socialize them with all things normal in a household.
I will also invest in good socializing outdoors.  

The puppies get a FCI-pedigree and will be dewormed and vaccinated and/or titred.

When I have a litter planned, it is very important that interested people first get to know me and my Mastiffs.
This gives everyone the opportunity to discuss, inform, explain and express each other’s expectations before they fall in love with a puppy.

I will be selective in choosing the new home for my puppies, because in my opnion I am (partly) responsible for my puppies throughout their lives.
You can expect a good start and guide for your puppy,  if desired “for life”.

I do, however, reserve the right to stop the puchase for any reason until the puppies are allowed to leave the nest.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Sandra Stormezand

+ 31 6 – 43 09 76 76