Today I had a very nice day at the Champ. Clubshow of the Dutch Mastiff Association and certainly again with great results!
Judge (breedspecialist) mrs.Hilary Sargeant

Abby 1 Excellent, Best Female (BOS) and Best Movement ?
Meissie 2 Excellent and selected for best Movement.
(Thank you Yra for showing Meissie ??)
Perro was present to encourage the ladies and especially to enjoy all the hugs and attention.?
Unfortunately I was unable to take photos myself, so hopefully someone still has nice photos of my girls and my lovely old teddy bear ? then I will post them later …

Sandø’s Fabulous T’Abby

BOB & BOS (Brutus of Seven Oaks & Sandø’s Fabulous T’Abby)

Chmpionsclass Females:
Sandø’s Fabulous T’Abby, Blonde Temptation Mastomania, Laga van de Franckenahoeve and Absolute Amazing Mirabella of Carnac